Work last week was limited by other commitments but I did succeed in  fitting the rain deflector above the windows on the nearside.  This is now properly fixed to the wooden “cheeses” on each window pillar and to the cant rail.  It needs some attention to get the lower edge straight.  Today I have been making the beading for the window pillars.


Various car problems and unwellness have prevented much progress since the last entry.  Having prepared the rain deflector ready for fitting, a number of other jobs needed to be done before it could be attached to the bus. Mounting the short piece of specially-shaped rain deflector above the rearmost nearside window (see previous entry) necessitated the prior painting of this window frame with final body colour as it would be inaccessible after.  The remaining nearside window frames also needed this treatment so I took the opportunity to address the cosmetic filling over the welded corners and other small finishing details of these, then gave them two coats of red undercoat before painting the top horizontals in body colour.  The non-opening window (second from the rear) needed some filling to the top horizontal so as I write this is awaiting its final coat of body colour.

The S-shaped moulding which trims the corner panel to the  rearmost nearside window was fitted yesterday and had some cosmetic filling applied today.

The window itself needed some cosmetic filling to improve its appearance and alignment, which I did today and finished with a thin coat of red oxide.

In between filling jobs on the windows, I have gradually been attending to the cosmetic appearance of the nearside rear lower corner which is now almost ready for sanding.


Absence and illness are the reason for the gap between this and the previous entry.  Last week I made the steel striker plate for the boot door catch and made and painted the steel cover plates for the body mount openings in the boot.    Last weekend Rebecca helped me fit these as I was unable to get my head into the boot due to a bout of Labrynthitis.  Over the last few days I have stripped, straightened and painted the two sections of rain deflector for the nearside.  The small shaped piece that fits above the last window towards the rear has been fitted along with all the wooden triangular supports at each window dividing pillar.  The long piece, at over 15ft is very unwieldy so I have only painted the inside in the ochre colour, ready for fitting.

Whilst I was painting the rain deflector I also painted over the sealant applied around the edge of the boot floor lino.