Very little progress today, just spraying a coat of etch primer over the grit-blasted steel for protection.  The rest of the time was spent cleaning up after the grit-blasting exercise


The grit-blasting was completed today and revealed that the edge of the steel is rotted through in places.  This has not compromised the strength of the body but will do if it continues.  A possible solution is to paint it to protect it then plate over it with new Zintec to create a double thickness at this point, thoroughly sealed to prevent more corrosion although this does seem likely to have been caused by the unprotected aluminium that was used to clad the edge.  This cladding extended inwards by about 3-4in and was beaded with 1″ flat feathered bar so adding further steel may mean having to make a new cladding piece.


The steelwork that forms the cab bulkhead extends across the body in front of the entrance door.  Removing the aluminium cladding revealed extensive rusting so this was grit blasted back to bear metal – about half done today.