The fuel tank is now installed, this required a new tie-rod to be made and the replacement of the insulating  material on the support brackets which took some time to sort out, also refitting the support brackets to the chassis.  I used a self-adhesive close-cell neoprene foam strip for this with bifurcated rivets through the original holes to add a bit of security.

The fuel gauge has been unseized and is now working, I polished the brass rim and carefully preserved the screen-printed face by painting a thin layer of clear varnish over it. A  new rubber gasket has been made ready to install the gauge in the tank and a replacement face glass is ready to be fitted. I’m just waiting for a 52 mm O-ring to arrive so I can reassemble the gauge and install it.

Other work since the last entry:  The dynamo field winding wiring has been installed and awaits the fitting of the  terminals at both ends;  the removed sections of the cab floor  have been derusted, treated with Vactan and a coat of red primer.  They await top-coat and refitting.  The cab front/dash has been stripped of paint, the spring cover has been bent back into approximately the correct position.  I welded up the split in it and the hole in the forward edge has been patched.  This section is awaiting attention from the grinding disc to get it ready for primer.