The bezels for the floor seals have been painted and the rubber to seal the pedals and steering column has been trimmed for final fitting.  Work the offside wheelarch is almost complete apart from final assembly and filling and sanding to shape.


This week’s work has been focussed on preparing the cab door with a skim of filler, to get it nice and flat,  and making the bezels to hold down the cab floor rubber draught excluder.  The steel draught excluder  for the cab has received some cosmetic filling and a coat of primer on both sides.   The cab door lower panel filling was completed and primed, ready for undercoat and the bezels have also been primed.  The front floor section of the cab has been reinstalled and the rubber seal for the steering column and pedals has been cut and is ready to fit next week.


In order to fit new gaiters to the wheel-mounted brake servos, I found I had to remove them completely.  Started on the driver’s side and found the servo was actually loose!  Just as well as the two rear nuts are very difficult to reach.  Took the end cap off, which involved some brtality to two of the screws, and freed up the piston.  I then cleaned, wirebrushed and alumablasted it ready for reassembly when replacement screws arrive.  I found time to tap 2BA the holes in one of the metal floor sections for the clamp plate bezels for the rubber seal for the handbrake lever.   Made a repair section for the rotted steel below the cab window , welded it to the existing metal, primed it then fitted the new front offside corner panel.  I reused the vertical beading to ensure all the holes lined up!  The last of the front end wiring is in, this being to the sidelight mounted on the new front quarter panel.  I fitted the horizontal half-round beading around the cab front.   I also stripped and started to paint the steel rain/draught excluder for the cab door.  I also realised I need to do the same for the emergency door, which meant I had to make some minor alteration to the beading on the new panels.  The various screws for the cab floor steel sections arrived on Saturday so next week should see some progress on that.   The screws for the brake servo end cab also arrived, so that can be reassembled now too.