Started to remove panels today with the intention of removing the rearmost window pan on the nearside.  Removed the beading below the windows that curves around the back.   This sequence of photos shows the arrangement of woodwork and 1/8″ steel flitch plates.










Both rear shock absorbers painted with Alumablast and Vactan on the steel parts.  Decided that the best way to refit the lever arm to the reconditioned shocker is when it is mounted on the bus as it will be held more securely than in a vice and also easier to handle with less weight.

Ordered SAE20 damper oil from Moss to refill the two rear shock absorbers today.

Also today I filled the reverse side of the shock absorber links with two-part Urethane to complete the bushes ready for reassembly when the shock absorbers go back on.  Ordered the 5/8″ nuts and bolts for this today, had to be UNF as the only BSF available in the right length are prohibitively expensive and its not worth the time to make them myself.  They can be replaced at some point in the future.