Not a great deal of obvious progress today.  I added the last section to the corner piece and that should be ready for trimming and drilling tomorrow.

Whilst the glue set I continued repairing screw holes in the rear framing.  I will have to address the horizontal beam under the rear window before too long.  But for now there is plenty to do around the boot floor and doors.



Painstaking manufacture of various bits of wood have been the order of the day today, including the spacer block between the RH boot door pillar and the corner pillar and the final pieces of the corner boot floor support and perimeter rail.  I should be able to trim this to final shape tomorrow, for which I have made a cardboard template from the good side.

Also today I cut the wooden piece that forms the boot door abutment on the hinge pillar.  In the process of this I came to the conclusion that the pillar itself is not quite the right profile, which means I will have to add some thin lamination to build it up so I can sand it back to the right shape.  More time lost!

Damage to the base of the first OS pillar

Damage to the base of the first OS pillar, showing gusset plate and corner timbers removed,


Yesterday and today I have been manufacturing a new timber corner section for the rear RH corner.  This is a slow process as it consists of a number of pieces of wood that need to be glued together initially before machining to the correct shape.  Hopefully the final piece will be in place tomorrow then I can complete installation the day after.  I will probably put a steel reinforcing plate underneath just to make sure it all stays together.