Today I spent some more time relieving the bottom of the LH boot door to enable it to close properly over the sill.  In the late afternoon I cut and bent the two steel pieces to form the sill cover.  These will be welded together and finished tomorrow, hopefully.


The last few days have been spent filling, preparing and painting the inner lining walls of the boot.  The outer surfaces have been painted red-brown to match the colour of the original (mostly rotted or split) wall panels.   I applied two coats of the brown to seal the plywood properly.  The inside faces are in white undercoat, awaiting the correct ochre brown final colour.   Next I turned my attention to the left-hand (nearside) boot door and found that it was just as poor a fit as the right hand door.  This necessitated removal of material from the bottom of the door frame, the boot floor sill and the top left-hand (curved) corner  of the door aperture.  It is impossible to see how the door can ever have fitted properly with the body frame the dimensions it has now.


I fitted some support for the bottom of the curved lining panel to stiffen a bit where it meets the floor and to fill the gap at the bottom.  This was fitted from the outside, so I can run sealant around the inside at floor level.  I still need to put a couple of screws into the mid-level support for the lining panel and open out the hole for the tail lights.

Late morning I filled over the fibreglass repair to the gangway support in the boot, it will need a final finish tomorrow before painting but is just about done.