The hiatus in progress was due to a number of things including getting Alfred ready for an MOT and maintenance on the MW. That completed, I was able to fit the offside corner panel today.  As with the nearside corner, this panel needed to be extended by about 1.5″.  I did this by welding in a strip of aluminium recovered from the wheelarch panel left over from restoring the MW.


Work has been concentrated on paneling around the boot door opening and  getting the rear corner panels to fit the repaired frame. This has required welding a couple of strips  to the forward edge of the nearside panel to extend it by about an inch.


Reduced frequency of blog entries due to annoying computer problems…  Work since the last entry has focused on the rear corner panels which were full of filler and ancient dents, whilst I await the arrival of the floor strip to complete the entrance steps.  The panels have been stripped of paint and filler and the dents knocked out as best as possible.  The filler was relatively easy to remove as it had been applied over the original paint and thus just peeled off in large pieces when heated with a stripping gun.  The nearside rear panel needs a new forward edge welding to it.  The offside panel also requires some additional pieces welding to it but I am awaiting the arrival of a new gas bottle before this can be done.