The panel work below the emergency door opening and the beading to the left of the opening  has been fitted .  The lino on the  floor at the edge of the opening  was rotten so this was cut back about 6″ and replaced with new lino which is a bit thinner, so I faced it with some diamond embossed tread plate and painted it to match the golden ochre on the floor. The cast step edge trim was derusted , primed and reinstalled.  This needs another coat of paint o protect it properly. The wheel housing cover which was previously poorly fitted was undone and jacked into place and new fixings used.  The cab step had a final coat of paint; all that needs to be done now is to paint the handbrake lever and pedals.  A start has been made on making up the replacement fuel pipes in preparation for refitting the cab floor.


The interior of the destination box has been painted white and the matt black areas have been painted also.

The front dash panel (exterior) has been primed and sanded ready for undercoat.

The cab paintwork is largely finished now, only a few odd bits to do including a second coat for the main (front) floor panel and the O/S cove panel which has a hole and small dent to be attended to.  The first and second from rear O/S bays have lower panels fitted now, also the curved waist corner panel and the first bay waist panel are all on too.  The stainless corner bumper/embellisher has been fitted and the beading that finishes the rear panel has also been fitted.