New dust shields now have conical sections welded in,  just awaiting  laser-cut centres from Lakeland steel then they can be finished.  Started machining new brake adjuster pins today for the rear scissors adjusters.


Replacement dust shield during fabrication


Finished mounting plates for bump stops and fitted them to the axle, first item to go back on: see below



Replacement bump stop mounted on axle

This picture shows the new bump stop rubber I cast in a plasticard mould.  The plates have 1/8″ spacers turned from bar and welded underneath.


Marked out the outer ring of the brake dust shields and started to cut out the middle using jig saw.


Marking out with tool made from welding rod and a pencil with a 3.5mm hole drilled in it


  Outer ring with flange welded in place.  The brake drum runs inside the flange.