This week has been spent trying to get the entrance steps finished.  The floor between the door and the gearbox access has been completed, several new pyramid iron strips fitted and the remaining usable originals refurbished.  The whole assembly was painted a custom mix of brown to match the floor.  The middle step is complete with nosing and anti-slip treads made from cut-down nosing.  The bottom step is painted to match the floor and the nosing has been cut but not yet screwed down as I am awaiting a further piece to make the second tread strip for the this step.  Relief holes for the grab rails were cut into the lino before laying.

Once I had completed all that I could do with the material I had, I started to strip the filler and paint from the NSR corner panel so I could see the full extent of the dents that need removing before the panel is installed.


Yesterday and today I spent working on the entrance steps, painting the steelwork with two coats of DG red.  The top step nosing has been trimmed and fitted and the pyramid iron pieces painted ready to fit.  One new piece needs to be made.

I used off-cuts of aluminium to manufacture edging pieces for the new lino around the gearbox floor trap.

In between work on the entrance steps yesterday, I started to get the nearside rear corner panel ready for fitting by knocking out the worst of the dents.


The heatwave continues but I managed to complete the second boot door and now both are in red aluminium primer. Concurrent with this work has been the preparation of the original pyramid iron strips for the entrance floor.