Painting the cab continued this week.  In between I touched up the matt black in the destination box.  When it was too cold and damp to paint on Friday, I folded up the first offside panel after the rear corner.  I intend to attach this so I can fit the corner embellisher and finish filling the corner panel.  I also added some detail to the wiring diagrams, printed the amended diagrams and put them in a ring binder in the boot.  By Saturday I was applying final coats to cab paintwork, but found it was still drying very patchy.  Seemed better when I put more paint on.


Work contined on the cab this week with mixing the topcoat to match the original.  Most of the cab metal work had received at least one coat by the end of the week.  The destination box was pained out in white undercoat, needs another coat still in places.  I finished refining the wiring diagrams for the bus this week and printed them out.


The newly fabricated step section has been installed and work in the cab has continued with rubbing down the brown undercoat and recoating in places.  The floor strips for the cab entrance were derusted and painted, one new piece had to be made due to rot but the curved section was treated by trimming off the rotten 3/8″.    These were then fitted and primed.  The step was finished with a piece of chequer plate.