Monday brought another offer of moquette, only 5m but better than nothing.  Work continued  on the plain window frame to the rear of the cab door, slo, painstaking work to ensure the dimensions are correct.


I started the week by removing seat cushions and back, cleaning and packing them ready for delivery to Ifor Evans.  Delivery took place on Wednesday and we took home a strip of fabric for the wooden shelf that fits behind the rear seat.  I then returned to the project schedule and started on the window frame for the forwardmost offside window, completing by the end of play the inner section which forms the base for the rubber.


Work commenced this week in the destination box with replacing the the light fittings and wiring up.  The wiring is now complete as far as the overhead switch box on the back wall of the cab.  The missing catch that holds open the destination box access flap was refitted to aid this.   I also touched up some of the brown paint arund the flap edges and one of the wood sections under the roof, so I could attach the cable run for the destination box lights and the windscreen wiper motor.  This work was in lieu of building the plain window frame as the steel did not arrive until Wednesday of this week.  I spent the final working day of the week sorting the metal that arrived and cutting the steel to support the rubber extrusion in the new frame.  I clamped that to the window former and then cut the rounded bottom corner pieces that support the vertical rear face of the rubber.  I wil weld these on as the next step  to impart some rigidity to the first part of the frame.

Restoration diary of a 70-year old AEC single-deck bus and the trials, tribulations and adventures of our 1966 Bristol bus.