Work was interrupted by the need to prepare the MW for Lodge’s Coaches classic vehicle show on the 22nd, the entire previous week having been spent polishing off the effects of the weather.

Filling and sanding of the nearside rear corner has continued and it is nearly ready for paint.  Today I fitted the vertical beading that joins this panel to the one that surrounds the boot door opening.  This necessitated fitting the small piece of vertical beading in the waistrail to ensure the lower beading was correctly aligned.

During this period I have been polishing the small stainless corner bumpers, which included grinding out the accident damage of many years and other scratches.


The beading for all of the nearside, except for the rear corner panel, is now fitted.  I have to finish the corner panel with a skim of filler, which is what I have been doing today.  Also today I ground out the scrapes from the nearside rear corner bumper, having discovered it is made from stainless steel.  I should be able to finish polishing it in the next few days.