Whilst waiting for the windscreen frame to return from the platers,  I removed the wooden section from the rear of the cab floor and have sanded off all the paint in readiness for new paint.  The vertical seat support that was bolted to this has been removed and partially repainted.  I made myself ill for a few days by exposure to fumes from the zinc phosphate red oxide primer I was using so abandoned that for now and work has moved to the offside rear  wheel well.  I made a new steel angle bracket to support the wheel well cover and fitted that today after painting it over the last couple of days.  The wheel well cover has been stripped and painted ready for fitting when the paint has hardened.    I spent yesterday and today making a replacement wooden cover for the missing one that fits over the support bracket, using the nearside one as a pattern.  I gave it a thin coat of red undercoat as a primer.  It is ready to fit when the wheel well cover has been installed.