Painted the roof repair  and the steel reinforcer for the entrance pillar grey today.

Dropped the exhaust down pipe off the manifold so I could cut the broken flexi off the end.  Trimmed off the end of the long pipe too.  Ordered some steel tube and clamps to enable connecting up with the length of flexi that I already have.  I will have to lengthen the main pipe at some time so as to move the silencer into its correct position behind the rear axle.

Lifted the gear box cover inside the bus then removed the section of floor the comprises the entrance.  This had erupted due to corrosion in the support structure and rotted at the ends.  I cut off the remains of the screws with the angle grinder with a view to removing them from underneath tomorrow.


Painted the steel reinforcer for the door pillar.   Sprayed a second coat of red oxide on the chassis.  Welded up the corners of the entrance step bay.


Ordered African Iroko timber to make the lower side rods, panel bottom stretchers and rear wheel arches, total including VAT and carriage £225.

The current work is concerned with preparing to refit the entrance steps.  This will require the pillar steel plate to be in place, the floor edge to be replaced and careful alignment with the hand rails.  Ordered a tongue and grooved spruce board to repair the floor edge in this area.

Prior to fitting the entrance steps I need to fix the exhaust connection between the main pipe and the manifold down pipe.

Sprayed the entrance pillar steel plate with a second coat of green smooth hammerite, it is now ready to fit.

Red oxided  the reinforcing plates between the side rods and floor cross bearers.

Wire brushed the underside of the floor adjacent to the entrance ready for priming and painting.  This will allow the new metalwork to be fitted.

Vactan’d the angle iron supports for the floor under the entrance door.

Rewelded some of the roof steel where the welds were porous then primed with red oxide.