Work has been delayed by a severe heat wave and other problems but I was able to get back to it towards the end of last week.  I have prepared to aluminium edging strips to reinforce the window opening of the destination box.  The bottom edge was partially rotten so I cleared as much as possible of it away then used wood hardener to strengthen what remained.  The aluminium will provide a straight and solid abutment for the glass.

I have been continuing to work on preparing the destination box and cab for paint, today I took out the cab ventilator, which is of the circular “hit and miss” type.  I found a replacement outer section on eBay as this had lost all its chrome, whereas the inner rotating part is in quite good condition along with its butterfly knob so I removed this carefully and should be able to build up a decent replacement with the new outer part.  I have to manufacture a new right-hand edging strip for the destination box access hatch in the cab, this is also used to hold the hatch up with a gravelly fastener.