31/12/2018 and 2018 year summary

Summary of work done in 2018:

Rear springs remanufactured and replaced

Rear brake back plates manufactured and fitted

Rear hubs removed and refitted correctly

Rear brakes fitted, adjusters removed and re-manufactured with new pins and springs

Rear axle and rear section of chassis cleaned and painted

Nearside windows removed and windows 4 and 5 frames repaired and primed

Rotted sections of entrance door pillar repaired and new reinforcement plate manufactured

Preservative and some paint applied to nearside body timbers.

Doesn’t seem a lot, does it?



Woodwork in bay 1 and entrance has had preserver, primer and grey gloss.   Metalwork for the door pillar and the cantrail frame have been etch primed then sprayed gloss red to keep the rust away and both pieces are now ready to fit.

20181224_104738 Cantrail plate

20181224_104718 Corner plate



Completed the door frame bracket that was cut out yesterday – holes drilled and countersunk for No.12 stainless screws to mount it to the body.  As the work progressed the galvanising got scratched and removed in some places so it will get a coat of primer before fitting.

Cut out the new corner reinforcement plate in 16swg zintec that fits halfway down the entrance pillar.  This had completely corroded away and some of the wood in this area had rotted too so this was replaced first (see previous entries).  Holes were marked for pilot drilling which should be done tomorrow, then the plate can be folded and primed.

Second coat of wood preservative on the frame at the end of today.