First job of the week was completeing the missing section of half-drop frame, adapted from an aluminium extrusion intended for edging a porch canopy.  This required some very careful work, cutting down to length and size and removing an inner piece which I managed by grinding a slot in it then using a 6mm drill as an edge mill to clean out the slot.  I removed the glass from the from the frame that was to receive the new piece and cleaned up the top rail and the clasp handles.  A tricky job was making the brackets to join the corners of the frame with the new piece, several attempts ensued despite the fact I had made several of these before.  However they were completed and the frame succesfully assembled with new glass and silicone glazing compound.  Although on the surface a small thing, this was a job that I had long waited to do, uncertain of how to achieve it.  So a small milestone!  At the end of the day I started to cut the nylon top strips for the window frames but problems with the bandsaw meant I couldn’t complete this task before end of play on Saturday, however this was repaired on Sunday morning and I was able to cut the remaining nylon strips.  They need tidying up though.


Started the week by cleaning throughly the glass for the fixed portion of the half-drop windows.  Noted that two are badly chipped,  I have one replacement so need to order another and the two original panes are badly scratched which is unfortunate.  Next I stripped the chrome from the four divider bars, removed all the old rubber and then painted the non-visible flat side with silver hammerite just to keep it fresh.  Final job was to start creating the mkissing frame section from one of the half-drop sliding frames.  This needed a new lower horizontal.  After a fruitless attempt to obtain some brass section, I found a surplus piece of aluminium that could be adapted to the job.  This was proceeding well.


Produced the templates for the remaining glass needed, i.e. the windscreen (need to find the hinge rod), the rearmost o/s window (the one that cracked) and the plain window (frontmost o/s window).  All that is needed now is the emergency door window but I can’t do that until I strip the door down and repair the frame.