Work continues in the cab.  By the end of the week a good deal of  the cab had been undercoated.  Diagrams for wiring and cable runs were produced for the cab and boot.


From this post onwards, the date in the title represents the “week ending” so will usually be a Sunday.  The new inner stress panel for the o/s of the cab has been painted on the outside and fitted.  Prior to this, the woodwork around that area was sanded and primed.  The outside dash panel under the windscreen has been cleaned back to bare metal and primed.   The cab floor immediately above the steps has beed cleaned back to bare metal and primed to facilitate refitting the floor section that joins this to the new stress panel.  All the woodwork inside the cab has been primed ready for brown undercoat.

A wiring diagram for the cab was created and uploaded to the documents page.