Other demands on my time have meant little progress for a while, however Christmas shopping, car and bus maintenance and trips to the dump notwithstanding, I should be able to devote more time for a week or so.

Last couple of days had been spent removing rusty screw remains and similar nails from the body frame.  All the steel flitch plates have been removed from the nearside now and there are random patches of rot that need to be cut out and replaced with new wood.    I milled some out this afternoon with my router but it is not a perfect process.

Undamaged screw holes are being filled with PVA, tooth picks and dowels depending on the size of the hole.   Where possible, screwing into these should be avoided except where necessary.  Still trying to agree the window rubber profile with the supplier.


Removed two more N/S windows today, w2 is very badly rotted and the frame will have to be largely replaced.  The first one I removed, w4, is by far the best so far and will serve as a pattern as it needs the least work.  One more remains to be removed then I can start on repairing the woodwork.


Primed the second window frame this morning and finished sanding the wood insert in the frame between N/S w5 and w6.

Painted the rear side of the frame of w6 with black gloss – second coat to follow in due course.