Today was spent fettling and trimming the prototype window frame.  As an experiment I used a heat gun to bend the 8″ strip of Delrin cut yesterday  to the window curve.  This worked out well enough so at some point I will manufacture enough of these for the nearside of the bus.

Window frame in the metal

Window frame in the metal


Yesterday and today were spent making adjustments to the window   frame to ensure the fittings for the fixed light and droplight fit properly.  Holes were drilled for the side pieces and all the screws ordered.  New pads for the screws for these fittings were made out of Delrin, initial trial show these will work well.  The last thing I did today was cut an 8″ x 7/8″ strip of Delrin to form the rounded corner.


Completed the preliminary welding of the window frame today and fitted the mud protector to the bottom of the front bulkhead behind the nearside front wing.  This is still in primer so needs a coat of silver hammerite to finish it off.