Played around with paint colours today. An 80/20 mix of brick red undercoat and gloss black gives a good brown suitable for the boot lining plywood.

Fitted steel work for entrance step bay today.  This required a few extra holes.  Still some screws to fit.

Made a joining plate for the forward entrance pillar lower repair section and sanded the repair section to profile.  Etch primed the joining plate which should be paintable tomorrow.

Cut the forward door pillar ready for fitting the repair section and drilled the mounting hole through the steel plating for the entrance steps.  Cut the over-length countersunk bolts to size for mounting the repair section.

Drilled  the repair section and soaked it in preservative ready for priming when dry.


Painted the replacement lower side rod today.

Fitted the entrance floorboards and screwed them down.


Work over the last three days:  painting the metal work for the steps and surface filling,  silver on the chassis side and in red undercoat on the outside.

Replacement floorboards for the ones that were cut incorrectly have been cut, soaked in preservative, primed and painted grey.  They are ready for fitting as soon as a couple of extra screws have been added to the steel plate floor support to fasten it to the gearbox access hole frame.

The new  steel bracket for the side rode extension for the rearward door pillar has been fitted and the holes for bolting in the side rod have been checked for alignment.

The side rod extension for the rearward door pillar has been cut and sanded to shape, soaked in preservative and primed.

The forward door pillar has been cut to shape and is ready for preservative and painting.