Work continues on the window pans.  Today was spent fabricating the lower horizontal no.4 and the end of the afternoon I cut out the material for the corner cladding plates, these can be welded tomorrow then all three of latest lower horizontals will be complete.  If time allows I will make the upper horizontals as the correct size material to make them in one piece (though two halves due to length) is in stock now.


Not much to report this week.  Almost all work has been focused on making parts for the half-drop window frames.  So far,  I have made one complete frame, two lower horizontals, one upper horizontal and a full set of verticals for the nearside.  This afternoon I spent the last hour bending channel section for the lower corners, eight in total  (two per window) from scrap left over from making the straight parts.   I have enough steel in stock to make the offside windows too.


Continued manufacturing window frame no.2 today, welding the flange to the lower horizontal and assembling the lower corners.