Started fabricating dust shields today out of 1.2mm msp.  Bought two laser-cut discs 50cm in diameter to make these.  Welded a 1/2″ flange onto the first disc today.  Here is the best of the two originals:



This week’s work:
Made the mould for the missing rear axle bump stop.  Poured it around tea time.  New rear springs arrived:




Next day, removed new bump stop moulding from mould – new on the left, old on the right and ordered material to make the mounting plates


Then started to strip shock absorber to replace the lever arm bushes.  Much heat required (note smoke):



Successfully removed


But  broke the shock absorber casing whilst pressing out the shaft. Not pleased.


Started to make 1/2″ BSF bolt for locking the shackle pins – I am one short at the moment.


Started cleaning and checking the 1/2″ BSF shackle pin clamp bolts. There are 12 in all and I’ve done six of the original ones. Made two new ones, had to use a die nut on 1/2″ UNF bolt shanks using the old thread to get the nut started but new BSF thread on the working length.   Looks like I need to make three more unless they turn up.  Odd, as I didn’t have to cut any of them though several of the originals are too damaged to use.

Still trying to find a lever arm damper to replace the one I accidentally destroyed.


Finished making the shackle pin clamp bolts and made a start on the stripping the rear bodywork.  Removed beading from rear offside corner.  Emergency door had a piece of steel screwed over the rear edge to prevent it being opened.