Yesterday I finished fitting the steelwork to the boot doors and today I finished painting over it with grey to provide an extra barrier for the aluminium skin. The right-hand door was finished yesterday so I started to fit the skin. I found that it could be formed quite easily after heating with a paint-stripping gun. Some distortion occurred when folding the flange around the flared section at the bottom RH corner because I didn’t clamp the top surface securely enough with a shaped wooden block. I will improve that method for the other corner tomorrow.


The last few days were spent painting the interior of the boot the correct shade of ochre brown and preparing the boot door frames for reskinning. This included making and painting the new steel parts for the L/H boot door. Today I fitted the metalwork to the R/H boot door and the top corner plate to the L/H door then rehung them to allow me to line up the bottom edge steel strips.


Did a little more dowelling on the right-hand boot door this morning. This afternoon I cleaned out the boot and hovered the dust out then mixed a batch of brown paint to match the boot colour. The recipe is 3.5:1 JCB Yellow and my existing brown mix, of which I should have enough to do the cab and bits of the floor. I started painting the boot interior with this and it looks pretty good.

Boot interior with new paint, looking towards O/S

New paint on corner panels and rear window surround.