Not much achieved this week as I have been tending to the MW.  I did manage to dismantle and dechrome two of the tree remaining droplights, in preparation for new glass.  Enjoyed a good day out in the MW on Sunday the 31st March.


Completed the first window pan acceptably after much difficulty and dissatisfaction, though it will need a lot of cosmetic work later.   This was then fitted to the bus, a job which took two of us so Anne assisted but only took a few minutes.   Started on the second, though not really satisified with the felt for vertical runner for window 1 but the felt is difficult to remove.  Started to assemble the next half-drop window, only to discover the half drop pain is so badly scratched it needs replacing, as do the other two which will inevitably delay the window fitting.    I removed the bottom horizontal part of the droplight frame by drilling out the rivets then removed the pane in once piece.   No more work this week as I had to attend to the thermostat on the MW.


Colleected the glass from K.W. Glass in Braintree on Monday, then fitted the glass to the frame and started to install it in the bus.  It is a very poor fit around the top right hand corner but hopefully will ease back into place with a bit of careful effort.  I left the remainder of the screws for now.   Next, I continued applying chrome wrap to window components.  Finished one drop light so concentrated on preparing other components for assembling a halfdrop window This meant fitting the top bar to one of the glass panes that fit in the lower falf of the window frame.  Whilst the glazing silicone was setting I applied the felt to the vertical runners, which is another slow job but satisfying.   I completed three pairs then once the silicone was set I started to build up a complete window pan.  I almost completed this but ran out of time.