31/12/2020 – Summary for 2020

Today I installed the plain window, last but one towards the rear of the bus.  I started to assemble the last window, cut the rubber to size and drilled the frame only to discover the glass had been cut incorrectly, so I will not be able to complete the nearside windows this year.

As it is the end of the year, a summary of work completed in the last twelve months is appropriate.

Looking back, the work completed this year comprises:

Droplight window frames, full set of 8 completed, four assembled, several with new glass, and fitted to nearside along with one plain window opposite the emergency exit.

Entrance steps finished.

Rear window removed, frame repaired and window refitted with new seal.

Corner panels removed, stripped, reshaped and repaired then refitted.

Boot rebuilt, including the steel stress panel that closes off the front, framing around the door opening, the boot inner walls and I reskinned the boot doors.

Nearside cladding panels installed below the windows.




Today I finished machining and polishing the replacement bezel for the entrance door handle.  This will be sent off for chroming at some point along with all the other door furniture.

Other work completed since the last entry:   the third droplight was  installed, then the  fourth droplight was assembled and installed and finally the plain square window (opposite the emergency door) has been reglazed using the rubber supplied by AM Silicones.   This leaves just the rounded window at the rear to be assembled and fitted then the nearside will be ready for beading.   All the steel window frames are painted and then treated with waxoyl on the inside before installation; the plain square window has been treated and should be ready for installation tomorrow when the waxoyl has set.


Today saw the completion of the third nearside droplight window assembly.

Window No.3 ready for installation