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Having fitted the final nearside window, I was able to properly install the waistrail beading.  I am a bit unhappy with the positioning of it as it rises slightly under the last window.  I may try to correct this before painting.

With the beading done I fitted the inner wheelarch cover.  This required the manufacture of replacement mounting bracket from angle iron, screwed to the floor alongside the wheel opening. I also had to do some work on the beading around the border of the wheel opening which would otherwise be inaccessible after the wheelarch cover was fitted.

Rear wheelhousing repainted, step plate replaced and assembly reinstalled.

Next, I was able to install the outer wheelarch and mudwing assembly that I had made up previously (see entry for 29/4/2021).  I was surprised at how well this fitted.    The last couple of days have been spent in finishing the mudwing with filler and preparing the existing half-round wheelarch beading for refitting.


Since the last entry I manufactured the two treadplates for the top of the wheel housings then red-oxide primed them both.  I fitted the nearside tread plate to the stainless steel  wheel housing cover then gave the whole assembly a coat of interior ochre brown.   Whilst the paint was hardening I removed the rearmost NS window frame  (fitted temporarily some time ago) and the half-round beading so that I could install the glass, which I did today.  The window assembly is now fitted back in the bus and I can complete the nearside now, apart for cosmetic finishing and painting,



Having cut out the plywood buck for the front face of the mudwing, I was able to make the aluminum version for the nearside.   The top flange was turned over the buck with a panel beating hammer and a lot of heat, principally I suspect because I was trying to fold too much material and I trimmed this back to about an inch from the front face before assembling to the inner wing.  I rolled the lower edges around 3mm welding rod.  Next I manufactured the inner part of the wing that fits inside the wheel housing; this had a cut-out to accommodate screws from the read plate that sits on top of the wheel housing interior cover.  The two inner edges are wire-beaded as well.  Finally I riveted the front face to the inner wing and filled any gaps with aluminium solder.  It will need a final finish with filler after fitting.

New tread plate welded and ready for paint.

Whilst this work was going on I also stripped the paint off the nearside wheel housing cover.  This turned out to be made of stainless steel, which was surprising.  This was then primed and given two coats of red undercoat ready for fitting.

Last thing today I cut the pyramid treads and the steel for a new tread plate to fit on the wheel housing cover.