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Entries from 4/10 were lost due to failure of QHoster in allowing their installation to be hacked and encrypted by ransomware.  A summary follows:

The angle brackets have been fitted, these reinforce the joints between the lower perimeter frame and the body cross-bearers at the boot.

Next the external cladding panels for the waistrail above the boot doors and below the rear window was fitted.

The entrance steps were next on the list, the last of the non-slip strips  fitted and the bottom step drilled for the rearmost handrail which has been temporarily fitted to provide location guidance for the horizontal beading below the rear bulkhead window.

Work then turned to fitting the cladding to the nearside from the windows downwards in preparation for  fitting the nearside windows.

Next, three droplight frames were painted ready for assembly then the two broken droplights were reglazed and the brass frames repaired as necessary.    Over the last few days I have fitted out the first of the frames (bay 2) with the Delrin strips which will take the screws for the droplight fittings.  The droplight components have been “chromed” as necessary and the top seal glued with silicone to its aluminium runner  – this will be fitted last after the glazing is installed in the frame.


This week’s work has been the manufacture of the right-angle brackets that reinforce the joint between the lower side frames and the body bearers.  Ten were required, each with four mounting holes 1/4″ clear.  These are attached to the side frames using recessed coach bolts then bolted through the body bearers and vertical reinforcement plates.  These are now mostly fitted with just three on the offside remaining to do, hopefully first thing tomorrow morning.

New brackets to reinforce the joints between the body horizontal bearers and the lower side frame at the rear.


The last two days have been spend making the steel sill cover, which is now complete and the underneath surface primed, and adjusting the fit of the left-hand boot door.  I have now removed the outer skin of this and marked up where the catch should be in the boot floor.  There is still some work to do replacing the screws to the door frame in the centre hinge and relieving the aperture frame a bit more around the top left-hand curved corner.