No significant progress over the last few days all though there has been a lot of work.  I removed the entrance bulkhead window and the panel facing the steps the day before yesterday so that I could cut out a rotten section of the rearward door pillar where it connects with the waist rail.  The steel reinforcement at this point had completely corroded away but replacement is straightforward as the end of the waist rail is intact and solid.  I made a replacement wooden section to replace the rotted section but during the final cut the bandsaw blade broke, ruining the piece and I don’t have a spare blade – on order.     Other work has included drilling out rotted screw holes and filling them with 6mm hardwood dowels glued and hammered in.   Work at the moment is centred around making the nearside frame sound ready for repanelling, which has to be done from the bottom perimeter rail upwards.

Below is the corner plate that needs to be replaced.


Very rusty corner plate!


Close-up of corner plate and probably my thumb, showing there is really very little metal left at all.