First job of the week was to refit the mouldings over the wheelarches, securing the piping I fitted last week.  In between that I gave the kick panel and tank filler splash panel two coats of clear lacquer.  I’m still in two minds about fitting these, at least until a coat of undercoat has been applied to the panels to which they are fitted.  Work was interrupted by the digitisation of the of the tapes of the bus, received on Monday from John Corah.  I started to chromewrap the uprights for the half-drop windows but it did not go well at first, the results best described as adequate.  Dependent on material and time I may do them again.  I also started to prepare the painted window frames for assembly by cutting the nylon material neccessary for receiving the screws that hold the window parts to the frames.  I started to do the curved corner pieces for the frames, I bent four and fitted two.