Having laid the lino, which still requires some internal finishing around the edges, I was able to fit the steel sill (manufactured some time ago) and finish hanging the boot doors and getting them lined up nicely with good gaps all around. This necessitated shimming the top and bottom hinges and sanding yet more wood off the bottom of the doors where they were striking the sill.   I also had to make some modification to the door locking mechanism in order for it to fasten correctly at both the top and the bottom. The top edges of the doors were very uneven and the gaps equally bad, so I built up the top surfaces with filler and sanded it back to a good shape.  Not the best of solutions but should be ok.

Boot doors aligned and gaps made good

I also completed assembly of the step light, with the exception of the brass hinge pins which still haven’t arrived.

Step light as found

View showing damaged base

New and old base compared

Completed step light from the front

View from above