I completed the nearside waistrail beading with the exception of the upper (half-round section) that fits under the last couple of windows and goes round to the number plate box.   That section is only temporary as I will have to remove it to fit the last window when the glass arrives.  The lower (flat) beading is now attached all the way from the entrance door to the rear number plate box.

Next I attached the boot door drip-rail to the body above the boot door opening.

The aluminium for the rear wheelarches and mudwings is on order.

Today I ordered the replacement glass for the last nearside window and the front destination box.

I also drilled all the holes in the right-hand boot door for all the fittings, including the missing ring-pull handle that by luck I found on eBay.    I noted also that the lower budget lock on this door was very stiff because it had probably never been used, owing to the fact that the hole in door frame was out of line with the hole in the lock tongue so a carriage key could not engage with it from outside.  I corrected this.

The pull handle needs a plate mounting on the inside of the door to give it something to pull on other than just the escutcheon screws.

View of NS waistrail looking forwards.

Rear end with beading and drip-rail above door opening.

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  1. I found today the metal plate that the ring-pull bolts to in the box of bits marked “AEC boot”

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