Following completion of the door arch top fairing panel and application of a coat of primer and undercoat to the inside of the panel, I stripped and straightened as best I could the drip rail that mounts above the entrance, noticing that it has a slight curve from end to end to ensure that water runs off and doesn’t stand in the rail.  There will need to be a bit of fettling once it’s on the bus, prior to final paint but for now it has had a coat of primer.

Having reached something of a hiatus with the final window still missing off the nearside, I decided I might as well strip the paint of the roof.  This was the job for all of this week and by today a good three-quarters of the roof has been stripped.  The roof panel beading needs attention with rusted screws popping out everywhere but otherwise the roof is in fairly good condition.  The exception is the nearside corner at window level which was full of filler. Digging this out revealed an enormous dent.  I am as yet undecided whether to attempt to pull out the dent as much as possible or rivet a plate over it.