I started the week by finishing off preparing the remaining window frames for final assembly.  They all had some touching up of the grey paint areas and fitting the top and bottom nylon6.6 strips, material for which has arrived.    I fitted the original glass back into the rounded rearmost offside window, with new rubber of course.  That was a tricky job; the only way that works is to fit the rubber into the glass then using washing-up liquid solution gradually easing it into the frame then pushing the rubber lib into the recess in the frame.  I noted that I had missed a welding repair so that will have to be done with care to avoid damage to the glass as I am not taking it out again!   I finished the week by preparing the waist panels on the offside, ready for priming before I install the windows.  The next job is chroming the half-drop window components and cleaning the glass ready for final assembly.  Unfortunately the glass I so carefully fitted cracked overnight so I am taking it out again but at least I can weld it now.