I have been stripping down underneath the cab this week, including removing the mudwing which is the wrong type.  This gave access to the main power and battery cables and the cab bulkhead which has a lot of surface rust but is not rotted through anywhere.  This work was preceded by removal of the battery boxes from the offside, both of which need to be replaced as they are excessively corroded.    Originally there were four 6v batteries fitted in pairs either side of the gangway.  It is my intention to continue to use a pair of 12v batteries and it would make sense to fit them on alternate sides to balance out the weight,   I have yet to remove the nearside boxes but the two that are now redundant will have floor plated over and the box covers retained for storage.

Other work has  involved correcting some poor work done by the previous owners – trimming the bolts on the offside front springs/rear hanger to prevent them binding on the chassis and replacing the felt washers on the ball joints and various missing split pins and washers.  However, the cold weather and health problems have prevented me from completing work under the cab for now so today I dismantled the first of the rotten offside half-drop windows with a view to preparing the parts ready for installation in the new frames I made last year.